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Zoo Logic

Dec 13, 2018

Travel along the old route 66 west of Flagstaff and you'll find the historic town of Williams, Arizona, home of a unique zoo called Bearizona. It features a drive through section with dozens of black bears, bison, and other species native to ponderosa pine country. During a recent visit we learned how the animal team uses operant conditioning and their "enrichment truck" to safely manage and monitor groups of big animals living in extra large spaces. 

Next we talk with Kolmården Wildlife Park's training coordinator, Peter Giljam about his work sharing animal training best practices and innovative behavioral applications across zoo species. His career training animals spans dozens of aquatic, terrestrial, and avian species  at facilities in Canada and Europe. He's been in the unique position to unite and inspire keepers and trainers from around the globe regardless of cultural, language, or species experience differences, and he is the creative force behind, a site dedicated to sharing trainer knowledge and stories.

Plus an all new Zoos News and That Sounds Wild.