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Zoo Logic

Jul 25, 2019

As part of its work to support research and conservation of marine mammals, the National Marine Mammal Foundation ( has been working with many diverse stakeholders to study, preserve, and increase awareness of the world's most endangered marine mammal, an elusive porpoise found only in the far northern Gulf of California known as the vaquita. Their story is featured in a new documentary Sea Of Shadows ( by executive producer,  Leonardo DiCaprio ( and documentary films.

The documentary highlights the inextricable link for survival that human activities have forged between two endangered species, the vaquita and a fish known as the totoaba, prized for its swim bladder. describes recent efforts by conservation groups, scientists, and the military to save the critically endangered vaquita. Thursday's Zoo Logic guest is one of the film's participants, NMMF executive director, Dr. Cynthia Smith.

Plus Tell me something I don't know about animals by Dr. Lara Croft: manatee facts.

And That Sounds Wild: dolphin clicks

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