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Zoo Logic

Mar 23, 2023

There are millions of unwanted feral cats roaming the US, leaving an indelible mark on vulnerable species conservation. Before appreciating the size of the problem that feral cats present globally, Neighborhood Cats founder, Bryan Kortis recognized the issue in his own NYC backyard as he tried to rescue and place a few kittens found next to his apartment. Turns out one useful strategy is known as TNR, trap, neuter and return.  Bryan suggests TNR has to be applied in a targeted fashion in order to have high sterilization rates in defined locations resulting in gradual but significant population decline and control of feral cats. He discusses the nuanced application of TNR in sensitive nesting areas in places like Maui, as well as, the pushback his efforts have received by many in the conservation biology community.  Have we in the zoological and conservation space made an as yet unrealized perfect solution the enemy of the good?

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