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Zoo Logic

Jun 21, 2018

Zoo Logic host Dr. Grey Stafford talks with Wildlife Heroes author, media personality, and retired SeaWorld and Busch Gardens animal ambassador, Julie Scardina and her continued work with several conservation groups around the world. Seemingly busier than before retirement, in addition to live audience and media appearances, Julie is a member of several boards including the SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, which means evaluating hundreds of worthy funding proposals each year. At a critical time when habitats and animal populations are shrinking, she describes her work with zoos and wildlife organizations to help mentor young zoological professionals through the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders program ( Julie's best advice to young zoological professionals and students is to get involved in wildlife policy by making their voices heard to protect existing landmark laws and efforts to preserve what's left of the wild.


Plus the latest Zoos News and an all new That Sounds Wild.