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Zoo Logic

May 9, 2019

Animal law expert and attorney Michelle Pardo returns to Zoo Logic to describe some of the recent and ongoing legislative efforts animal rights organizations are pushing at the local, state, and federal levels. What lessons can we learn about how the legislative process is being used to promote an extreme animal rights agenda, not shared by most people? Why is it so important for animal professionals, zoo and aquarium fans, and taxpayers to pay attention to legislative bills with reasonable sounding titles, especially when those same stakeholders are purposefully left out of the deliberative and amendment process by those seeking to pass such bills? Finally, where should our future animal welfare priorities lie? Creating redundant and unnecessary animal welfare laws and new language with which critics may launch novel legal challenges to lawful, ethical, and humane animal endeavors? Or, should we focus oversight resources and dollars on better enforcement of existing animal welfare and public display laws to eliminate the few bad actors that aren't living up to modern husbandry, training, and care standards?

Animal Adventurer and spokeswoman, Mallory Lindsay shares an all new Ms Mallory Minute. Plus, an all new That Sounds Wild.

That Sounds Wild: Beluga whales