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Zoo Logic

Mar 21, 2024

It would likely surprise most people that until about a decade ago, military service dogs were routinely euthanized at the end of their working service life rather than be transported back to the U.S. and a life of retirement. Congress and the Department of Defense finally provided some resources to ensure military working dogs are returned to U.S. soil at the completion of their service. These funds do not cover all transport costs and there are currently no funds to help these animals deal with the impact of physical and psychological trauma or illness when their military careers are completed. The situation is even more dire for the much larger group of trained service dogs used by private military contractors for whom there is no funding for return transport or even guaranteed feeding and medical treatment. Mission K9 Rescue co-founder Bob Bryant returns to discuss a bill pending in Congress to provide grant funding in support of military working dog medical care throughout their lives.

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