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Zoo Logic

Oct 25, 2018

On location at the International Marine Animal Trainers' Association annual conference hosted by Zoomarine in Algarve, Portugal, Dr. Grey Stafford talks with Dr. Jo Fava, marine mammal ophthalmologist, about the importance of certain supplements in zoological diets. Specifically, she describes her interest in what is known and yet to be discovered about the role of carotenoids like lutein on pinniped and cetacean vision.

Also featured is Élio Vicente, Director of External Affairs sharing his thoughts on the decades of contributions to marine mammal husbandry, veterinary medicine, public education, and display by his mentor and Zoomarine founder, Mr. Pedro Lavia. Plus, he discusses the challenges facing the diverse zoological community in the EU, and our collective failure to effectively communicate with the public about the important conservation work zoos and aquariums are doing. In particular, he stresses the need for zoos to find better ways to connect with millennials and generation Z.