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Zoo Logic

May 16, 2018

Zoo Logic host Dr. Grey Stafford talks with long time marine mammal, pet, and wild animal training expert, Ken Ramirez, about the growing importance of science-based behavioral management for preserving wild populations of animals. Ken recalls his efforts to encourage primates through operant conditioning to use their natural distress call to alert nearby park rangers to the presence of poachers. He also describes his successful efforts to mitigate human - polar bear conflicts in the arctic. And, after an attack by poachers that left he and some of his team critically injured last year, Ken tells of his renewed determination to help teach wild elephants a new migratory route away from human conflicts and deadly poachers.

Plus the latest Zoos News, a new conservation feature with the Curious Conservationist and national spokesperson Mallory Lindsay from, and an all new That Sounds Wild.