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Zoo Logic

Dec 27, 2018

Highlights from 2018's lineup of Zoo Logic guests including world renowned trainers, celebrities, best selling authors, scientists, veterinarians, and entrepreneurs, as well as, perspectives from legal, public policy, and conservation experts. 


0:51 Ken Ramirez

4:09 Erin Ivory elephant manager and consultant

5:05 Barbara Heidenreich 

7:45 Dave and Jess Peranteau, Odysea Aquarium

10:04 Professor Gary Wilson, Moorpark College

10:51 Joe Markham, Kong company founder,

Celebrity Authors

13:11 Kyle Kittleson, Wear a Wetsuit at Work

14:03 Mark Simmons, Killing Keiko

17:53 Julie Scardina, Wildlife Heroes

18:57 Jack Hanna, Into the Wild,

20:42 Carolyn Hennesy,


25:13 Dr. Kelly Jaakkola,

27:03 Dr. Barbara Taylor, NOAA

21:27 Dr. Jason Bruck, OK State University

32:39 Marty Haulena, DVM, Vancouver Aquarium

Animal Law, Rights and Public Policy

37:03 Michelle pardo, esq.

40:38 Rachel Garner,

41:20 Lara Croft, DVM

44:16 Arizona Department of Game and Fish

Public Relations and Trade Associations

47:50 Billy Hurley,

48:16 Will Coggins,

49:54 Doug Cress,


54:27 Dr. Susie Ellis,

56:02 Brian Masuga,

57:28 Clarissa Black,

58:13 Dr Javier Almunia, Loro parque

59:18 Mandy Rodriguez,

59:58 Mallory Lindsay,

1:00:19 Brad Andrews,