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Zoo Logic

Sep 12, 2019

Demonized for centuries in literature, pop culture, and most worrisome of all, in the execution of public policy, several canid species are on the edge of extinction. Ginny Busch, CEO of the Endangered Wolf Center describes their work and ongoing challenges to preserving species such as Mexican Gray Wolves, African painted Dogs, and the most endangered canid species of all, the Red Wolf.  The center not only breeds and helps introduce young wolves into the wild, it is partnering with federal, state and local agencies to listen to and educate communities about the importance of these predators to restoring and maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Rachel Garner is back with an update on a newly announced policy phasing out bullhook use at all member zoos with elephants.

That Sounds Wild: Morelet's croc.  Odysea Aquarium.