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Zoo Logic

Nov 21, 2019

Last spring, a single male beluga whale showed up along the shores of Norway following boats and seeking attention and contact with humans. The international press dubbed him "spy whale," as he was clearly trained and likely had strayed from a secret naval program from nearby Russia. Serving as an information resource for authorities, experienced zoo professionals immediately volunteered their time and mobilized to assess and monitor the white whale nicknamed Hvaldimir. One of those volunteers is long time marine mammal trainer and zoological manger, Lindsay Rubincam. Lindsay shares her first hand experiences with Hvaldimir, the personal and professional impact he has had on her life, and the community's efforts to ensure he's safe from the many threats to his well being such as boat traffic, the lack of conspecifics, his excessive comfort with approaching humans and manmade hazards, and the presence of marine mammal eating transient killer whales.

Plus a tribute following the passing of a marine mammal researcher and veterinary icon. 

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