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Zoo Logic

Aug 15, 2019

We return to the Phoenix Zoo to discuss their collaborative work to save another endangered species, the Mexican Gray Wolf, which as recently as the early 1970's came within a handful of remaining founder animals from being deliberately exterminated across the West and Mexico. Senior carnivore keeper, Carl Mohler describes how caring for a social group pf predators that may one day be introduced to the wild is very different from other species found in zoos and aquariums. The relationships of trust that naturally form between keepers and most zoo animals is not only discouraged, it can place the animals at greater risk. As a result of the need to discourage theses wolves from habituating to humans, routine veterinary care, husbandry, and servicing of exhibits can present challenges compared to other species in a zoo. Even forms of enrichment must be disguised and utilize natural items the animals won't associate with human activities. 

That Sounds Wild: Mexican Gray Wolves