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Zoo Logic

Nov 3, 2022

As he describes in his recently released first book, Dog Dad: How Animals Bring out the Best in Us and Can Help Save the World, Instagram sensation Tophy Brophy's childhood was anything but easy.  Suffering from anxiety and never feeling fully connected to the people around him, Topher recalls years of loneliness, depression and attempts to cure his "sad sickness."  Once he found a lifelong friend in a puppy named Rosenberg, the quality of life for Topher increased dramatically.  In addition to the fulfillment of caring for the needs of another living being that the adoption brought, life with Rosenberg lead to an unexpected creative outlet when people began commenting how similar Rosenberg and Topher resembled each other, especially as they dressed in over-the-top costumes. As a way to help others, Topher is donating all proceeds from the book to support rescue and recovery efforts by American Humane.

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Zoo Logic