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Zoo Logic

Nov 29, 2018

Not all wildlife warriors use rakes, shovels or whistles as their tools for preserving a part of Nature. Some like Brian Masuga, one half of the husband and wife creative team at Peppermint Narwhal, use their art to tell "fun, whimsical" and always informative conservation stories about animals, from the every day kind to the endangered. Brian believes that through art we can breakdown the language barriers that sometimes exist across the globe to become better conservation storytellers in a way that connects species and people. He and his wife Becky have a goal to spread positive messages, especially through the power of social media, to inspire others about the need to preserve wildlife and wild places. Perhaps that's why their infographics have been featured in many zoos and aquariums, in print, and online for years. 

Plus, the latest Zoos News and an all new That Sounds Wild.