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Zoo Logic

Jul 18, 2019

Animal welfare science is a relatively new discipline that has generated some degree of debate among scientists, policymakers, animal professionals, animal rights activists, and the public. Even the meaning of the term animal welfare has been cause for scientific and public debate in part because the conversation often includes qualities such as emotions normally associated with humans being applied to animals. Dr. Isabella Clegg shares her work assessing the welfare of dolphins living in human care, describes the difficulty that language can present when discussing animal welfare, and explains why a simple experiment can demonstrate whether an animal can be considered an optimist or a pessimist.

David Kleven, long time zoological educator and president of Animal Care Software talks about the importance of great animal record-keeping. His Animal Care Software enables zoological, domestic, rescue, and farm animal professionals to utilize today's mobile and cloud technology to record, share, search, and analyze in real time individual animal observations, photos, health, behavior and welfare data.  

Long time animal ambassador, conservationist and past Zoo Logic guest, Julie Scardina shares a new Something I Don't Know About Animals.