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Zoo Logic

Feb 23, 2023

With all the activist and conservation challenges confronting the zoological world, it's important to just stop and appreciate good news when it happens. Recently, the Tanganika Wildlife Park announced its first successful birth of an Indian rhinoceros, also called the greater one-horned rhino. This large species of rhino once numbered as few as 100 individuals in the wild. Today, while still considered vulnerable, it has made a remarkable comeback to approximately 4000 animals according to sources like the International Rhino Foundation. Even more remarkable is this young calf was born to a mother who was conceived through artificial insemination--proving that reproductive assistance techniques developed for humans has a role to play in species conservation. The park's curator of research and welfare, Dr. Samantha Russak and primary rhino keeper, Sierra Smith discuss the new arrival and all the adjustments needed as a result of this significant birth.

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