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Zoo Logic

Nov 8, 2018

Executive Director of the International Marine Animal Trainers' Association, Billy Hurley joins Dr. Grey Stafford, former president of following their three-day training seminar held at Osaka ECO college for students and zoo professionals. Billy discusses cultural differences and similarities, as well as, training challenges and improved welfare opportunities for zoo and training professionals from his work in Japan and other regions of Asia. Beyond its original, near 50-year old core mission to promote modern methods of animal training using positive reinforcement for all species, especially marine mammals, what does he think the future role of IMATA looks like across the globe? From sharing animal care best practices to using technology to inform and mobilize its members to improve public education and to lobby policy leaders about the important contributions of zoos and aquariums, IMATA is adapting to 21st century conservation, wildlife research, animal welfare, and political realities. 

Plus, hear how one commercial seafood company made peace with Greenpeace!