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Zoo Logic

Jul 11, 2019

In addition to the dramatic declines in charismatic species most people are aware of, research over the past few years suggests we are facing a potential extinction event for insects. This week's episode features frequent contributor, environmental writer Jeremy Hance, to discuss his recent 4-part series on the insect extinction situation based on interviews he's conducted with dozen's of entomologists from around the globe. Jeremy discusses potential root causes such as over use of pesticides, climate change, and human over-population. As we continue to wrestle with the substantial loss of higher order species over the past 50 years, what will the earth look like with the added burden of significantly lower insect biodiversity and abundance? What impact will lower insect numbers have on the species that are dependent upon them, including humans? And, how does improved education and access to health care offer a way forward?

Plus, Tell me something I don't know about animals with Dr. Jeff Boehm, CEO of the Marine Mammal Center.

That Sounds Wild: Addax.  Thanks Peter Giljam