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Zoo Logic

Apr 16, 2020

With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, wildlife conservationist Julie Scardina introduces us to the work of Wild Earth Allies and its executive director, Katie Frohardt. WEA has conservation interests around the globe with a keen interest in Central Africa and the preservation of gorillas. With the aid of scientists experienced at successfully studying and conserving mountain gorillas from the brink of extinction a few decades ago to well over 1000 individuals today, WEA is working to preserve the endangered Grauer's gorilla.  Mitigating the threats to this lowland gorilla subspecies whose population is decreasing by 5% per year is made more difficult by their wider yet patchy distribution over a vast range that varies in habitat quality. One effort supported by WEA to help the gorillas and the local communities that depend upon the same resources is the sorting of gorilla dung to identify preferred foodstuffs and to collect seeds for use in restoring forests by way of two community nurseries.

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