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Zoo Logic

Jun 13, 2019

For more than 50 years, the American Association of Zoo Keepers has been pursuing excellence in animal care, sharing best practices, providing professional development workshops and conferences, and raising serious dollars for the support of conservation organizations in the field helping to preserve endangered species like rhinos and cheetahs. AAZK members have also planted over 100k trees! AAZK's individual members cover the range of zoological expertise from keepers to aquarists, trainers to vet techs, while covering every species in-between. Through the contributions of over 100 local chapters across the U.S and Canada, AAZK has raised more than $7M from its popular Bowling for Rhinos fundraisers over several years. Best of all, AAZK memberships are open to students and professionals alike. James Weinpress, AAZK Communication Committee Chair joins us.


All new Ms. Mallory Minute: The Narwhal.

Sounds Wild: Momma Beaver to pup. Thanks to