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Zoo Logic

Dec 27, 2018

Highlights from 2018's lineup of Zoo Logic guests including world renowned trainers, celebrities, best selling authors, scientists, veterinarians, and entrepreneurs, as well as, perspectives from legal, public policy, and conservation experts. 


0:51 Ken Ramirez

4:09 Erin Ivory elephant...

Dec 20, 2018

World-renowned wildlife storyteller Sir David Attenborough and the BBC were criticized recently for essentially portraying a view of Nature that was too positive. According to the op-ed which appeared in The Guardian, "By downplaying our environmental crisis, the presenter's BBC films have generated complacency,...

Dec 13, 2018

Travel along the old route 66 west of Flagstaff and you'll find the historic town of Williams, Arizona, home of a unique zoo called Bearizona. It features a drive through section with dozens of black bears, bison, and other species native to ponderosa pine country. During a recent visit we learned how the animal team...

Dec 6, 2018

Have wild horses become America's tribble? 

Guests from the Arizona Department of Game and Fish discuss the contentious subject of US wild horse policy, which is often marked by passions and frustration on all sides. Congress passed the landmark 1971 Wild Free-roaming Horse and Burros Act to preserve those...