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Zoo Logic

Nov 22, 2018

Conversations with animal training and research experts from our recent travels to Portugal and Japan. Guests Mandy Rodriguez, co-founder of the Dolphin Research Center, DRC's Director of Research and Zoo Logic contributor, Dr. Kelly Jaakkola, and professor Satoru Yamamoto pay homage, each in their own unique way to our animal training and care past, the growing focus on conducting research in the present, and the future potential for greater understanding, and improved training and welfare across the globe. Each stresses the importance of not just the science of animal training but also the need to build strong relationships with animals through positive reinforcement steeped in love, a sense of humor, and fun for the animals as well as the people that care for and study them.


Plus, a judge in NY has issued the first ever writ of Habeas Corpus for an elephant named Happy living at the Bronx zoo. Blogger Rachel Garner shares an update on this troubling precedent-setting case brought by those seeking to give human rights to animals, in an all new Zoos News.