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Zoo Logic

Apr 20, 2023

With so many competing outside voices claiming to know what is best for the 57-year-old orca named Toki, we knew it was important to better understand the unique individual behind the stage name Lolita by those who actually cared for her daily for decades. Experienced animal professionals Heather Keenan and Marni Wood spent decades at Miami Seaquarium caring for and building relationships based on trust with Toki. They describe this impressive animal's strengths and significant limitations in accepting disruptions to her routine, companions, and habitat to the point of shutting down mentally and physically at even modest changes. Their hope is to sit down with all the stakeholders that will determine Toki's fate and discuss why, much like Keiko before her, moving this elderly animal across country to a sea pen and separating her from her human family will needlessly place her welfare and life in jeopardy.

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