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Zoo Logic

Jun 11, 2020

Few behavioral terms or concepts have engendered as much discussion, confusion, and heated debate among zoo professionals, behaviorists, and animal trainers over the past thirty years as the Least Reinforcing Scenario, known simply as LRS. Two of the original LRS architects, Chuck Tompkins and Ted Turner, describe the concept and the fundamental shift in behavioral psychology it represented by rejecting the status quo of traditional animal training that urged trainers to say "no" to animals when they make a mistake. Chuck and Ted clarify what the LRS is and is not, and why its development made trustful relationships and incredible behavioral advancements with with killer whales  possible. The LRS has since been applied to the care of hundreds of other marine and terrestrial species, as well as, domestic pets.

That Sounds Wild: orcas.  SeaWorld Hubbs Research Institute.

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Zoo Logic