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Zoo Logic

Feb 22, 2024

After years of working with some of the world's top tequila brands, particularly on the elimination of production waste water, retired police officer Tony Boyle and his news anchor spouse, Olivia Fierro have embarked on a new venture producing Tequila Corrido. The relaunch of the award-winning spirit rests on the principles of sustainability and paying homage to tradition. From harvesting the hundreds of thousands of blue agave plants each year from local farms in the highlands of the Jalisco region of Mexico, featuring the skills of a well-known master distiller in Mexico respected for her knowledge of the agave to bottling in recycled glass--nearly every aspect of production is sourced in Mexico.

According to their website, the name Corrido comes from the poetic ballads sung by smugglers who risked everything to peddle tequila in Prohibition-era border regions. Many of the early corridos celebrated these border bandits and folk heroes—telling tales of triumph and tragedies along trails and around campfires.  To celebrate these folk songs and traditional methods of producing tequila, each bottle of Tequila Corrido ships with a guitar pic.

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