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Zoo Logic

Mar 7, 2024

A prolific naturalist, award-winning and bestselling author Sy Montgomery and her colleague, Warren Carlyle founder of Octonation, the largest octopus fan club in the world, have a new release entitled Secrets of the Octopus. This book is a follow up to Sy's scientific treatment of the species in 2015's bestseller, Soul of the Octopus. Warren and Sy's passion for this unique species is unmistakable. Both share their journey learning about and promoting further study and preservation of these animals beginning with their very personal encounters with an octopus at an aquarium. The new title comes in advance of a mini series of the same name produced by James Cameron and narrated by actor Paul Rudd scheduled to air on National Geographic on Earth Day. Both Sy and Warren are contributors to the docu-series and believe zoos and aquariums play a vital role in conservation and research.

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