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Zoo Logic

Jun 25, 2020

Dr. Barbara Baker the president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium for thirty years spoke at the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums annual meeting in February (just as  the COVID-19 pandemic was arriving in the United States) as part of a panel discussion made up of leaders of major zoological organizations from around the world. She also serves as the Board Chair for the trade association known as the Zoological Association of America. Dr. Baker shares her insights on Expedia's decision to support ticket sales to zoos and aquariums accredited by a few trade groups but not others. Given the resurgence in activism by well-funded companies like PeTA and HSUS, Dr. Baker warns of the federal, state, and local legislative bills targeting such aspects of zoo operations as animal ambassadors, transports, breeding and public display. She argues these efforts are intended to force zoos into adopting a sanctuary model and eventually into extinction. She stresses the need for all zoo and aquarium accreditation organizations to work together and to resist activist efforts to divide and conquer zoo and aquarium professionals.

Also, Dr Jo Fava from Animal Necessity returns with a great way for zoo and aquarium fans to support their local facilities struggling with the loss of revenues during the pandemic.

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