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Zoo Logic

Feb 18, 2021

Nearly 50 years old, Loro Parque has grown into one of the premier zoological parks in the world and is a major attraction of the Canary Islands. Known for its extensive in situ and ex situ conservation and research of avian species, particularly psittacines, Loro Parque and its foundation have saved some parrot species from extinction. Currently, it participates in over 200 conservation projects across the globe.

Loro Parque continues to proudly, proactively, and unapologetically promote the work of its foundation and that of other modern zoological facilities to display, study, conserve, and in some instances, reintroduce endangered species to recovered habitats. It contributes upwards of 10% of gate revenues to conservation research and has developed its own green energy production that exceeds the facility's demands for electricity. Loro Parque Foundation Science Director Rafael Zamora Padron is guest.


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