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Zoo Logic

Jan 2, 2020

Historically, the availability of large zoo animal enrichment items that are safe and won't splinter, break teeth, or harm acrylic view panels has been limited to the creativity of zookeepers as they repurpose materials like tires, telephone poles, firehoses, and hard plastic barrels or gas tanks. Over the next few years, a new company spearheaded by a team led by the same creative mind that founded the KONG company, maker of companion animal toys and products using natural rubber, hopes to ensure that all species, even those as large as orcas and elephants, have access to engaging enrichment. Two members of the KONG ZOO team discuss the manufacturing challenges and creative process using natural materials to create animal training and welfare tools that are considerably larger than anything ever produced. In advance of the larger products expected to roll out beginning mid 2020, zoological professionals and institutions can register now at to take advantage of the existing line of KONG products at special reduced zoo and aquarium pricing.


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