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Zoo Logic

Oct 10, 2019

Recently, the Mission Wildlife organization ( held a fundraiser for groups working to conserve species and habitat in Africa. One such organization is the Ewaso Lions Project ( based in Kenya's northern regions.  According to their website, "Ewaso Lions takes its name from the mighty Ewaso Nyiro River (also called the Ewaso Ng’iro) which starts on the slopes of Mt Kenya and snakes its way through Laikipia and Samburu. The Ewaso (pronounced 'eh-wah-so') serves as a lifeline for the people and wildlife in the area. Ewaso Lions is dedicated to conserving lions and other large carnivores by promoting co-existence between people and wildlife." They "work hand-in-hand with local communities to provide education, training and improved conservation practices that help people and wildlife." As we discuss with two of their representatives, "Ewaso Lions uses sound science to help guide the long-term conservation of lions across community conservancies and protected areas in northern Kenya."

Previous Zoo Logic guest, Dr. Isabella Clegg returns to tell me something I don't know about the two beluga whales recently transferred from China to a facility in Iceland.

Artist Stephen Fishwick ( shares his passion for sharing endangered species and raising funds for their preservation through his artwork. 

Plus That Sounds Wild: spider monkey.

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