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Zoo Logic

Apr 17, 2019

Our one-on-one conversation with best selling author, advocate, and Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, Dr. Chelsea Clinton discussing her new picture book, Don't Let Them Disappear, as well as, memories of her earliest encounters with animals and reliving those experiences by visiting zoos and aquariums with her own children today. In her new book, Chelsea shares the stories of 12 threatened and endangered species--what makes them unique, what risks they face in the wild, and even what simple steps kids can take to increase pubic awareness about Nature and ways they can begin to help build connections with species and habitat in their own lives.  

Throughout the conversation, Chelsea shares an appreciation for the important and increasingly necessary conservation and educational work of aquariums and zoos. She ends with some personal advice for animal professionals when confronted by unfair criticism.

Mallory Lindsay returns with another informative installment of Miss Mallory Minute.  Plus, an all new That Sounds Wild!