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Zoo Logic

Mar 28, 2024

What is the secret to longevity and relevance in any career path?  While the answer may vary among differing professions, one ingredient seems to be a willingness to "apply the joy of exploration to our own lives," according to actor, director, best selling author, musician, and real life space traveler, William Shatner. In 2022, Shatner now 93, best known for his iconic role on Star Trek as Captain James T. Kirk, wrote Boldly Go with coauthor, writer and director Joshua Brandon. The book is a series of reflections and insights stemming from personal triumphs and tragedies and a career spanning eight decades. We talk with Josh about what it was like to meet and later collaborate with the iconic entertainer and what advice he has to share for those pursuing their dream in a highly competitive field like television and film or... zookeeping.

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