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Zoo Logic

Dec 10, 2020

Many people dream of building their own zoo but few individuals ever make that childhood wish a reality. For nearly 40 years, Mickey Ollson has directed the zoological facility he founded known as Wildlife World Zoo. Today that zoo has grown from its original 40 acres and a few hundred animals to well over one hundred acres featuring a Safari Park and Arizona's first public aquarium. In total Wildlife World now houses over 500 species and thousands of individual birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish in what has become one of the largest zoological collections in the western United States. From the lean early years to the unfolding 2008 financial crisis during a major collection expansion to this year's COVID disruptions, Mickey describes the organization's journey against a backdrop of tremendous growth of the desert southwest, and why, despite activism and over-regulation he's still bullish on the future and importance of zoos.


That Sounds Wild: Night safari Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.

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