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Zoo Logic

Jul 9, 2020

Modern zoos and aquariums are agents for positive change. Through conservation, public education, in situ and ex situ research, and the display of amazing animals, zoological facilities inspire people of all ages to care about the well-being of wildlife and wild places. Still, it doesn't take one long to realize that these organizations so dedicated to preserving biodiversity are, in fact, not all that diverse in terms of their workforce, especially across animal-related departments and occupations. Given the ongoing historical protests for racial equality and justice, how are zoos and aquariums endeavoring to build more diverse teams? What roadblocks exist to increasing participation in zoological work by people of color? Does the lack of diversity among role models have an effect on inspiring young people to consider careers in zoos and aquariums? And, how do we reconcile the shameful role some prominent western zoos played in the 19th and 20th centuries in perpetuating racial stereotypes in support of white supremacy and Colonialism? 

Our guest is Odysea Aquarium's TJ Lowery who is also co-founder of Defeating Racism at Work or DR@W.

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Zoo Logic